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The key to a thick lush green lawn starts first thing in the spring and continues late into the fall. Paradise can recommend and apply a variety of customized services throughout the season to encourage a healthy lawn and ecosystem.

Aeration is the process of creating small holes to penetrate built up grass or lawn thatch. This will allow the water and nutrients to get to the roots where it can actually be processed. Aerating alleviates compaction, as compacted soils cannot utilize water properly.

Power raking is recommended on yards that have over 1/2 inch of thatch. When thatch is above 1/2 inch it can prevent the exchange of water and nutrients from the atmosphere to the soil, decreasing your lawns ability to thrive and fight disease and dehydration.

Overseeding and splitseeding is a great choice for dry, burnt, and stressed lawns. Specialized machines cut through dead grass and apply new seed directly to the soil.

Fertilizer programs provide a healthier soil, use less water, gain stress tolerance, acquire stronger roots, require less maintenance and lead to a thicker lawn.

Click the link for more information: Government of Canada, Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Weekly lawn/flower bed maintenance, spring/fall clean up, aeration, and hedge trimming.



Key Benefits of the Service

Let us show you the value of yard maintenance with our comprehensive service, starting with maintenance and upkeep, all the way to ensuring you have the healthiest grass possible.

  Power Raking
  Granular Fertilizer
  Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  Weed and Feed Applications
  Top Dressing